Mining & trading
blockchain game

Space Miners is a completely decentralized
blockchain game running on the Ethereum network.
Players take turns sending miners to the planet for their
chance to win the round earnings paid back in the ERC20 compliant
token known as Kerium Crystals, or KMC.
KMC can be sold back to the contract at any time for Ether.
Everytime a new round is completed, the price of KMC
increases, incentivising players to hodl.

*All code is open source for ultimate security.
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ERC20 Compliant

Kerium Crystals are ERC20 compliant and can be traded and stored like any other ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dynamic Pricing

The price of Kerium Crystals is set dynamically using the Bancor Bonding Curve algorithm. As more Kerium is mined, the higher the price becomes. When Kerium is sold back to the contract, tokens are burned and the price decreases.

Cutting edge
mining equipment

Every mining craft sent to the planet has a 50% chance of gaining just over 30% of the total round earnings. A round is completed when 6 players have filled the planet, and rewards are paid out.


Use this dapp at your own risk. All code used is open to view,
but does not gurantee it to be 100% secure.
The owner is not liable for any money lost playing this game.

How to play:

Early Access

Mining has just begun, so get in early and hodl for highest returns.